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MWH Global, Inc.
IndustryConsulting, engineering, construction, operations and finance
FoundedHeywood, Lancashire, United Kingdom (1820)
(as Ames Crosta Babcock)
Alan Krause, President of MWH, now part of Stantec
Revenue$1.3 Billion [1]USD (2013)
OwnerStantec Inc.
Number of employees
7,000 (2015)[2]
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  2. Title Information; Package Name: M24.3: Package Previous Code: MWH: Package Description: 24 LEAD SOIC (300MIL) (Pb-Free) Package Status: Active: Package Type: SOICW.
  3. Jan 12, 2021 It announced this week it is seeking proposals to build a 700 MW/2800 MWh battery on the grounds of the Eraring power plant, which is scheduled to close in 2032. Our Electric Car Driver Report.
  4. If the driver is a linear constant current driver, then essentially it is controlling the current directly coming from the battery, hence mAh is best. If you have a buck or boost driver, then the output power is usually fixed, and efficiency is usually somewhat consistent, hence mWh is a better measurement.

Our MWH-V12C-BP is a 12VDC, 10A Constant Voltage dimming driver. They benefit from a universal AC full range of 90 305VAC capability, performing at a higher efficiency of 92%. They are of an IP67 design for indoor and outdoor installations, also suitable for LED Lighting and street lighting applications.

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MWH Global Inc. is a global water and natural resources firm providing technical engineering, construction services and consulting services. In 2016, MWH was acquired by Stantec Consulting Inc. The firm provided planning, design and construction management for water and natural resources projects around the world.[3] The firm was headquartered in Broomfield, a suburb of the Denver metropolitan area in the state of Colorado of the United States, with operations in 35 countries. As of May 2015, MWH Global had a global staff of approximately 7,000 employees[2] including builders, engineers, architects, geologists, operators, project managers, business consultants, scientists, technologists, and regulatory experts. MWH is listed as the 15th-largest employee-owned company in the United States.[4]


MWH Global is the unification of three major engineering firms: James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers (JMM), Watson Hawksley, Ltd., and Harza Engineering Company.[5] JMM was founded in Pasadena, California, in 1945 by James M. Montgomery[6] following his work on the design (1936) and commencement (1941) of the 100-million gallon per day F. E. Weymouth Memorial Water Softening and Filtration Plant at La Verne, California for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California while with the firm Hoover and Montgomery.[7] JMM merged with Watson Hawksley, Ltd., of High Wycombe, United Kingdom, in 1990, combining JMM's specialization in water and wastewater engineering with Watson Hawksley's international operation, to become the global firm of Montgomery Watson.[8] In 2001, Montgomery Watson merged with Harza Engineering Company, of Chicago, Illinois, best known for its work in the energy and environmental sectors and hydroelectric power development[9] including the El Cajón Dam in Honduras (officially known as Central Hidroeléctrica Francisco Morazán), and operated under the new name of Montgomery Watson Harza. In 2003, the firm name was shortened to MWH.[8] In 2010, MWH acquired Biwater Services Ltd., a water construction and engineering firm. With the acquisition, the firm's history can now be traced to 1820, when Ames Crosta Babcock (an acquisition of Biwater Services) was created.[10]



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