Miray Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10

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Having issues with the Gigabyte motherboard drivers in your Windows 10 computer?

It does happen sometimes but you don’t have to worry as there are easy ways to fix the issue.

Through this tutorial, we will explore the ways to download and install the Gigabyte motherboard drivers for Windows 10. We will also see what role the Gigabyte motherboard drivers play in the Windows 10 computer.

Universal Solution to Download Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers (Recommended by Professionals)

Miray Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10

You can simply install and run Bit Driver Updater on your PC to replace your old or bad Gigabyte motherboard drivers with the latest, manufacturer-recommended versions in a jiffy. You can download the Bit Driver Updater application for Free from here:

What is Gigabyte Motherboard Driver?

Gigabyte motherboard drivers act as an interface between the Windows operating system and the Motherboard of your computer.

We know that the Motherboard is an important piece of hardware because it connects all other essential parts of your computer together like the RAM, CPU, hard drives, driver software and others either directly or with the help of wires.

Therefore, it is important to keep the motherboard driver in an up-to-date state so that the system functions without crashing, freezing, or encountering any other major issues.

How to Install Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers for Windows 10?

Read the below ways to understand how to download and install as well as update the Gigabyte motherboard drivers of your computer.

1. Manual Method to Install Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers

You can utilize the manual method of downloading and installing the motherboard drivers. For this, you need to head to Gigabyte’s website to get the latest drivers of the Motherboard hardware. You can follow the below steps:

  • Open the website of Gigabyte and enter the Model Number and then hit the search icon.
  • Alternatively, you can also search for the motherboard driver “By Chipset” or “Socket” specification.
  • Once you have found the latest motherboard driver package, then download the .exe file and double click on the setup file to open and install it on your PC.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the steps of installation.
  • Finally, restart your Windows 10 PC once to complete the installation process.

2. Automatic Method to Install Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers


You can skip the above-mentioned tedious, cumbersome, and time-taking manual method and utilize the automatic method instead. You can make use of Bit Driver Updater software which is efficient in finding and downloading the driver software of your PC. With this tool, you can also take up the task of Gigabyte motherboard drivers update.

Noteworthy features of Bit Driver Updater:

  • It is enabled with one-click update feature.
  • It is also enabled with the ability to optimize the performance of your system.
  • Users can rely on the backup and restore drivers feature.
  • You can avail round the clock technical service assistance.
  • The extensive driver database offers genuine driver updates.

Steps to Install Gigabyte Motherboard Hardware Drivers:

You know now how Bit Driver Updater can help your computer remain stable and perform well. Now, let’s see how you can use this tool to download motherboard drivers.

Miray motherboards driver download for windows 10 version
  • Install the Bit Driver Updater tool and use it to scan your PC drivers.
  • Then, click the Update button to install the most recent drivers of the motherboard driver.
  • Ultimately, restart your Windows system.

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Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers Updated

This is how you can download and install Gigabyte motherboard drivers for Windows 10 PC. Also, Gigabyte motherboard drivers update is possible with the use of the automatic method described in the above article.

It is always suggested to keep the motherboard drivers updated to prevent the computer from malfunctioning as the Motherboard pieces together all the essential components of the computer.

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In this article, we talk about the methods to download, install, and update the MSI motherboard drivers for smooth computer performance.

The motherboard is the heart, brain, and soul of every computer. You take the motherboard out of a PC, and it will go dead. Hence, to ensure that the computer performs smoothly, it is crucial to download, install, and update the drivers for this component correctly. Therefore, this article walks you through the ways to download MSI motherboard drivers, install, and update them.

MSI is among the most renowned motherboard designers and manufacturers. But, despite that, a compatible and well-updated driver is always needed to maintain optimal computer performance. Thus, without any more delay, let’s begin with the methods to download, install, and update the drivers for your MSI motherboard.

Methods to Download, Install, and Update MSI Motherboard Drivers

Below are the different ways to download the drivers for MSI motherboard, install, and update them with ease.

Method 1: Get the Drivers from the Official Website

You can download, install, and update the required motherboard drivers from the official website of MSI. Follow the below series of steps to do it.

Miray Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit

Step 1: Go to the MSI website by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Select SERVICE from the menu bar.

Miray Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 32-bit

Step 3: Scroll down to the Service And Support section and click on Downloads.

Step 4: Select your product from the ones displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Click on the Select product line arrow and choose Motherboards.

Step 6: Select Motherboard as the product category.

Step 7: Click on the Product Type arrow and choose your motherboard series from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: Click on Product Model and choose the model of your MSI motherboard.

Step 9: Click on the Search button.

Step 10: Click on the Driver tab and then select your operating system.

Step 11: Click on the category of MSI motherboard drivers that you wish to download, install, and update.

Step 12: Click on the download arrow to get the required driver setup file.

Step 13: After the file gets downloaded, click on it and go along with the on-screen directions to install the needed drivers.

Method 2: Try using Device Manager

If you have enough time and patience, then you can make use of Device Manager, i.e., the driver management tool in Windows to download MSI motherboard drivers, install, and update them. Below is the step series that you need to follow for doing it.

Step 1: Activate the Run box by employing the Windows + R shortcut.

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc in the box that appears and click on OK.

Step 3: After the Device Manager opens, click on the category of drivers that you need to download, install, and update.

Note: There is no single motherboard driver. The motherboard is the main circuit board that holds various crucial components such as CPU, memory, and connectors for different hardware peripherals. Therefore, you need to select the category of the MSI motherboard component for which you wish to download, install, and update the drivers. For example, click on “Processors” to get the drivers for the CPU.

Step 4: Right-click on the peripheral and choose Update driver from the popup menu.

Step 5: Select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 6: Wait for Windows to download and install the updated version of the drivers that you need for the components on the MSI motherboard.

Step 7: Restart the computer after the process is complete.

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Method 3: Update the Operating System

Updating Windows is also one of the ways to install the MSI motherboard drivers and update them. You can perform an OS update by following the steps shared below.

Miray Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 Version

Step 1: Employ the Windows+I shortcut to activate the Settings.

Step 2: Select Update & Security from the on-screen options.

Step 3: Select Windows Update from the left pane and click on Check for updates.


Step 4: Click on the Download button to download and install the available update.

Step 5: After the process completes, reboot your computer.

Method 4: Update the Motherboard Drivers Automatically (Recommended)

If downloading, installing, and updating the drivers manually seems a lot of work to do, then you can take a shortcut by using automatic software, such as Bit Driver Updater to perform the task. This program gets all the required drivers for your computer in a single click. Moreover, it also boasts several other features, such as driver backup and restore, download speed acceleration, creation of a restore point, and more to make the process even easier.

Below are the steps that you need to follow for using it.

Step 1: Get Bit Driver Updater by clicking on the below download link.

Step 2: Let the program scan your computer.

Step 3: After a couple of seconds, when the results appear, go to the driver that you wish to download, install, and update and click on Update Now.

Along with performing download, install, and update for the MSI motherboard drivers, you can also update the drivers for other peripherals simultaneously by selecting Update All.

Download, Install and Update MSI Motherboard Drivers: Done Successfully

This article taught us how to download the MSI motherboard drivers, install, and update them with the least possible effort. We hope that you found this piece of writing useful. If you have anything more to add to this post, then share your views through the comment box.