Maxell Seiki Card Reader Driver Download For Windows 10

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Maxell Seiki Card Reader Driver Download For Windows 10 Download


Maxell Seiki Card Reader Driver Download For Windows 10

  • Daniel Drake.
    (dsd at gentoo. org)
    Gentoo developer. One of his projects is to get the driver ready for inclusion in the 2.6 kernel.
  • Matthew Dharm.
    Maintainer of the usb-storage driver of the Linux kernel. He contacted SCM for the specifications. He delegated the development of the driver and is hoping to hear back from us when we are ready ;-)
  • Thomas Kreiling.
    Developer of the original 2.4 driver
  • Don Lin.
    (dong at research. bell-labs. com)
    Ported the driver to FreeBSD. Did some cleaning up of the code on the fly. Shared the resulting freebsd code with us.
  • Chris Niekel. (Netherlands)
    Has been very active though he had not that much time. He moved the usbat-02 project to sourceforge (which was a good thing :-)).
  • Mike Gibson. (U.S.A.)
    (gibson at cs. utah. edu)
    If you want to contribute, contact Mike, he can provide you with some information from SCM.
  • Hans Persson. (Sweden)
    Hans has made the original home page (before we moved to sourceforge) and has setup a mailing list.
  • Herald van der Breggen. (Netherlands)
    (usbat2 at breggen. xs4all. nl.)
    Herald was one of the first people who tried to write some useful lines to make a working driver, but was not very successful with that. Anyway, he made the home page at least... ;-)
  • Geoff 'Frodg' Patton.
    Geoff got Daniel interested in developing the driver and contributed lots of testing time and debugging reports.
  • Martin Emrich.
    Mikkel 'Kamstrup' Erlandsen.
    Steven J. Hill.
    Jon Lapham.
    Lindsay Haisley.
    Glyn Tebbutt.
    Kurt Wall.
    Ron ?.
    Spent time testing the 2.6 development releases + provided valuable feedback and debugging reports.