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The Majek K-Series 460cc Maximum USGA Legal Size Driver was Co-Engineered by members of the UCLA's engineering department. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created a high launch Driver that ensures MAXIMUM BALL FLIGHT. The extra thin face creates a greater trampoline effect upon impact; ensuring a maximum smash factor. Launchpad X is our essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for Ableton Live. It gives you everything you need to make music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads, dynamic note and scale modes, and mixer controls. Callaway Epic Speed: Callaway’s fastest driver to date, the Epic Speed has a distinctive cyclone shaping to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. Callaway Epic Max: Callaway’s most forgiving driver to date, the Epic Max has the lightest crown so weight can be redistributed to deliver a low centre of gravity and high MOI for maximum forgiveness. BYC offers limited support to obtain a launch driver’s license. Drivers operate a 26’ launch mornings, afternoons, evenings 7 days a week. The Launch Operator's License comes in two versions - uninspected or inspected vessels. To drive inspected launches, typical of most yacht clubs, the holder must have the 'Inspected Operator's License.' The renewable license allows you to work at any yacht club or marina and is good for five years. The holder may operate up to 1/2 mile from shore.

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Won Hotlist Gold in the U.S.

Turbocharge your drives with the new Launcher HB Turbo. The Launcher HB Turbo Driver delivers more speed off the tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives.


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To go longer off the tee, you have to go faster. The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver features a Turbocharged Cup Face, Ultralight Hosel, redesigned HiBore Crown, Deep Weighting sole pad and a counterbalanced shaft. It all adds up to faster drives for more distance off every tee. The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver. Step Up, and Launch It.


The new Turbocharged Cup Face, enhanced with a new variable face, provides higher COR over a larger impact area for increased ball speeds and more distance.


The redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the center-of-gravity by 2.2mm, enabling a lower CG position, while the Ultralight Hosel redistributes weight low and deep for a higher launch and more forgiveness.


Discretionary mass savings positioned for significant increases to MOI, delivering more speed.


Specifically designed for the Launcher HB Turbo Driver, the Miyazaki C. Kua's center of gravity is relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.



10.5° DRAW45.5'60.0°460ccD3RH

Miyazaki C. Kua 50 shaft

Launch Driver

Lamkin 360

50 Words or Less

True to its draw bias designation, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver is anti-slice and offers great forgiveness. Nice looking with an attractive price.


Living close to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, I attach significant meaning to the words ‘launch pad’ both from a historical perspective and current endeavors. Knowing the legacy of the company, I wasn’t surprised that Wilson had selected Launch Pad as the name for their new irons and woods. Having learned that the irons were true to the name [read our review HERE], my expectations soared for the Launch Pad driver.


Launch Driver Pack

If you learned the price before seeing the Launch Pad driver, you’d probably be pleasantly surprised by the good looks. I did that in reverse: unboxing the driver and seeing the deep metallic finish on the crown and refined sole before being amazed that the driver was at a $300 price point.

Looking down at address, the pinstriping on the trailing edge helps define the bulbous head. The club sets up closed, but the continuous black finish from the crown to the face keeps it from being a visual distraction. Face on, the club stands tall, offering immense contact area.

Sound & Feel

The Launch Pad driver produces a loud metallic crack that’s consistent across the face. As Wilson’s “most forgiving face yet” it wasn’t surprising to discover that like the club’s sound, feel was also consistent.

Launch Driver Support

The solid feel of every decent strike had me checking the face for visual clues to impact location. Although I needed an impact sticker to check location in the hitting bay at Club Champion, I predict players will benefit from not being concerned with feedback out on the course.



Before I get into the performance numbers above, please note that by design the Launch Pad driver is draw biased – it’s printed right on the head. Wilson Staff designers accomplished this with three physical attributes: an offset hosel, heel-side weighting, and an upright lie angle. As someone who typically hits a straight ball or a slight draw, my swing at odds with those design elements. Even so, the club was playable and displayed its forgiveness. Although I was catching the ball towards the heel and hitting a strong draw, distance was down less than 10%.

Setting up for a fade to mimic an outside to in swing, the Launch Pad driver produced a wonderfully high and straight ball flight. With more centered contact, ball speed increased as did carry distance. As I grew more comfortable with the performance and pushed for speed, the driver never faltered, and I gained an additional 5 to 10 yards. I could easily conclude that was the result of the lightweight construction, but the decline in my strike precision speaks volumes about the forgiveness.


Launch Driver

If you’re tired of your tee shots curving right, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver may be the dream club you’ve been searching for. The draw bias design elements and super forgiving face not only tame a slice, but combine for a high, straight ball flight that’s very satisfying. Toss in the great looks and this driver can truly “elevate your game.”

Wilson Launch Pad Driver Price & Specs

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Launch Driver's License

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

Launch Driver Talent

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