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Problems, Causes and Solutions

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Go to Intermec Settings: go 'Start' 'Settings' 'Control Panel' 'Intermec Settings'. (Note that Intermec Settings, depending on the mobile computer model, can be found also found on 'Start' 'Control Panel' 'Intermec Settings'). Select 'Communications' 'Bluetooth'. Intermec Scanner Wireless Setup This guide will walk you through the basic wireless configuration for an Intermec Scanner. Please refer to the specific device manual provided by the manufacturer for more advanced setup options.

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Troubleshooting Printer Operation

No power or loss of power

Possible Causes

  • The AC power cable is damaged or disconnected.

  • Printer breaker circuit tripped.

  • Be sure that the AC power cord is plugged into both the printer and an electrical outlet.
  • Replace the cable if it is damaged.
  • Turn the print off, then back on.

Labels stop feeding through the printer.

Possible Causes

  • Printer is out of media.

  • The label stock is loaded incorrectly.

  • Media is sticking to the paper path.

  • Load new media.
  • Check the media path.
  • Clean the paper path.

Printer slows down

Possible Causes

  • You have incorrectly set the image bands or print speed.

  • Printer has aborted and reset the print speed and image bands.

Labels stick to door or fail to strip

  • The self-strip roller is dirty.

The alert LED flashes and printing stops

  • The print head has overheated.

  • Leave printer idle to cool. Printing will resume when it has cooled.

Media Fault

Possible Causes

  • The print head is up.

  • Sensor type is set incorrectly.

  • Media is loaded incorrectly.

  • Make sure the print head is down. The head lift lever should be straight up and down. Press the feed/pause button to resume printing.

  • Configure the printer for the correct sensor for the print mode that you are using.

  • Reload the media.

Test configuration label does not print

  • The media is loaded incorrectly.

  • The printer is configured for self-strip media.

  • Media fault.

  • Reload the media.

  • Set the printer to the default configuration using the DIP Switches.

  • Remove media from under the label sensor.

Printer is not printing, not communicating or not print properly

  • Corrupt or incorrect information in printer memory.

  • Reset the memory to return the printer to its default configuration. After you reset the memory, power off the printer and return the DIP Switches to the desired settings.

Intermec Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

Troubleshooting Print Quality

Blotches printing on labels

  • Dirty print head

  • Dirty media path or rollers

  • Poor quality label or ribbon stock

  • Clean the print head

  • Clean the media path

  • Use higher quality label and ribbon stock

Printing is too light or too dark

  • Incorrect darkness control setting

  • Incorrect media sensitivity setting

  • Poor quality label or ribbon stock

  • Dirty print head

  • Adjust the knob to achieve the best print quality.

  • Change the sensitivity setting to match the media type. If the sensitivity setting is correct, try changing the darkness adjustment.

  • User a higher quality label and ribbon stock.

Printing not aligned on label

  • Be sure that the media is loaded correctly.

Labels are not stopping at the right point for removal

  • Incorrect label rest point setting.

  • Incorrect label stock setting.

  • Adjust the label rest point.

  • Set the printer to thermal transfer or direct thermal label stock.

Print quality is poor

  • Incorrect media sensitivity setting.

  • Incorrect darkness control setting.

  • Print speed exceeds the capacity of the media.

  • Print head, platen roller or label path are dirty.

  • Uneven print contrast (density).

  • Poor quality label or ribbon stock.

  • Ribbon wrinkle.

  • Ribbon installed upside down.

  • Direct thermal/thermal transfer switch set in the wrong position.

  • Media may be slipping against the platen roller causing the printing to compress.

  • Change sensitivity setting to match the media being used. If the sensitivity setting is correct, try changing the print darkness.

  • Adjust the darkness control.

  • Lower print speed or use media rated for the print speed being used.

  • Clean print head, platen roller and label path

  • Adjust the bias screw.

  • Use a higher quality label and ribbon stock.

  • Check that the label and ribbon stock are adjusted properly.

  • Be sure that the ribbon is installed with the shiny side facing the print head.

  • Set the media switch for the type of media being used.

The printer skips labels randomly or sends an intermittent error

  • The label format extends beyond the label length.

  • The label mark sensor is not in the correct position.

  • Edit the format to ensure that the text fits on the label.

  • Properly position the label mark sensor.


Troubleshooting Communications

Printer does not communicate with the host

  • Serial port is incorrectly configured.

  • Damaged or incorrect I/O cable.

  • Make sure the serial port configuration settings match that of the host.

  • Check the connections at both ends and the pins and replace cable, if necessary.

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