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Intergraph Intense 3D Driver Windows NT 4.0 V4.2.2.1 Disk 1 and 2 Download Description This diskette contains the Intergraph Intense 3D video device drivers that support the intergraph Intense 3D graphics accelerator adapter installed in your IBM PC. The video device drivers are compatible with WinNt Workstation V3.5/4.0 O/S. Intergraph Computer Services Romania. 32-bit and 64-bit windows driver software for the TopoMouse; Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Intergraph's family of plant design systems continue to be used by the world's largest consumer goods manufacturers to support major capital investments serving growing consumer markets globally. Bringing a new facility online on schedule and within budgets is a crucial business driver. Intergraph's plant design solutions have proven their worth in helping to bring new facilities into production on time and within budget while still ensuring high quality and design integrity. Another unique aspect of Intergraph's success is the ability to integrate plant design model data within extended business systems used by consumer goods manufacturers, including CRM, ERP, and PLM environments supporting manufacturing. Overall, Intergraph's industry-leading plant design solutions provide more than just a 3D modeling and design environment. They offer a true

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SmartPlant® 3D, Intergraph's latest 3D plant design solution, is designed to dramatically increase design, modeling, and deliverable production productivity across all key disciplines involved in the design of today's complex plant while increasing overall design quality and data integrity.

Using industry-standard database technologies from Microsoft and Oracle, SmartPlant 3D is a true, components and assemblies.

Engineering Change Notification and Management

SmartPlant 3D includes a unique capability which automatically notifies designers following any design change. Designers receive notification of changes specific to their design activities via an electronic 'To-Do' list which is fully managed and controlled by SmartPlant Foundation. This environment offers major advantages when tracking and managing all engineering changes during the design life cycle.

Automated Orthographic and Piping Isometric Drawings and Reports

SmartPlant 3D offers a unique series of tools which fully automate the production of intelligent 3D deliverable drawings directly from the 3D plant database. Users are able to generate accurate, fully dimensioned, and annotated orthographic drawings automatically.

Similarly, SmartPlant 3D includes ISOGEN, the de facto standard solution used to generate piping isometrics completely automatically, resulting in considerable reductions in the time needed to generate and update drawings to reflect the latest design status.

Conceptual Plant Layout

SmartPlant® 3D's sister product, SmartPlant Layout, offers an environment for the rapid development of alternative 3D plant layouts and configurations for both plant owners looking to evaluate initial capital budgets for new projects as well as EPCs looking to develop and refine an optimized plant layout within defined requirements, engineering scope, and budgets. Automatic, rule-based pipe routing integrating with external line list data or SmartPlant P&IDs dramatically reduces the time needed to define a new plant layout. Direct integration with leading third-party cost-estimating software further extends the benefits of Intergraph's plant layout solutions. This enables alternate 3D plant layouts to be further assessed both in terms of layout optimization and overall cost to establish the most cost-efficient design.

Intelligent Design

SmartPlant 3D enables iterative design beyond current technologies or solutions, based on its intelligent 3D plant objects forming the computer objects (for example, a pipe, a control valve, or a structural steel member), Intergraph has been able to introduce innovative new technologies to extend even further the possibilities for intelligent 3D design. Such technologies include plant object associativity, relationships, specification-driven component placement, and parametrics.

Intergraph Driver

Global Connectivity — Concurrent, Collaborative Engineering

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SmartPlant Enterprise solutions are fully enabled to support global EPC and O/O collaboration throughout the life cycle of a plant using the latest worksharing technologies based on industry-standard database replication. True global worksharing using Intergraph's plant design solutions now means that EPCs, their sub-suppliers, and O/Os are able to design collaboratively together in a single design environment, which may extend across national or international boundaries. This maximizes the use of limited skilled engineering resources in different locations around the world to develop the new plant deign in a truly collaborative, integrated design environment.

Open Systems Integration

SmartPlant 3D fully supports comprehensive data and application integration with other SmartPlant Enterprise products as well as external, third party applications. SmartPlant 3D's open system architecture uses current industry standards to support data and graphics exchanges to ensure true interoperability between engineering software tools used on today's projects.

Design Visualization

Design visualization and design review are fully supported using Intergraph's established SmartPlant Review visualization software. SmartPlant Review fully integrates with the SmartPlant 3D plant model, allowing designers to undertake comprehensive design reviews of the 3D plant model to ensure design integrity.

Plus, add-on modules address specific engineering tasks, such as construction simulation and on-site drawing generation. SmartPlant Review also provides integration with external laser point-cloud data to facilitate in-context design visualization.

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SmartPlant Review is applicable to both EPCs involved in design reviews as well as plant owners visualizing and 'walking around' their 3D plant model.