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COM ports are of very importance and are used for different purposes but to enable COM ports is a little-bit tricky becasue in case of Non-Hilink modems its very easy, we just need to plug in modem and after its automatic drivers installation COM ports are enabled and are visible in device manager, at the same time the modems is also detected in its Mobile Partner Software Dashboard. Whereas in case of Hilink modems, they need Hilink Drivers to be installed and also need to run a specific port switching command / script to enable com ports.

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Virtual COM Port Driver is an advanced way to add virtual COM port pairs. There are many instances where this Windows 10 COM Port Driver software can be instrumental when working with serial devices and applications. Some of the uses of the software include testing and debugging in usage scenarios that include. AMD Rolls Out Its First 2021 Graphics Driver - Get Radeon 21.1.1 Intel Adds Support for Iris Xe Max Graphics (DG1) - Get Version The New RTX 461.09 Graphics Driver Adds Support for NVIDIA’s A40 GPU.

How to Install Huawei Hilink Modem Drivers to Enable COM Ports

Although, we have already shared different methods and tricks to enable COM Ports. To refresh your knowledge we are going to reproduce these methods for installation of COM Ports of Huawei Hilink Modems:

Note: If you do not have drivers, visitDownload Sectionof our website to check available ones for your modem or downloadHuawei Hilink FC Serial Drivers.

Hint: Don’t be confused with FC – PC UI Interface or Huawei Mobile Connect – PC UI Interface both have same function.


Connect Huawei HiLink modem to PC. Wait for browser to launch with modem’s web panel. If it does not launch automatically, check device manual for how to reach it.

In browser’s address bar type in for old modems and / or for latest modems

Note:IP Address might be different for your device but remaining part of command will remain same.

Press Enter on Keyboard. Web panel page will become blank

Open device manager and locate Huawei Hilink modem

If there are yellow “?” and “!” signs, it means drivers are necessary to install. Right click on one of the lines and select “Update Driver…”

Locate drivers on PC and click ok to start installation, wait for drivers to be installed.

Repeat driver installation steps for other drivers that belongs to Huawei modem

After installation check in Device Manager if modem now appears correctly, without “?” or “!” signs

Hilink Modem is successfully switched to COM Ports mode.


1. First download Huawei HiSilicon Firmware Writer.

2. Now, install Huawei Hilink Drivers and restart computer (if required).

3. Launch Huawei HiSilicon Firmware Writer software and detect your Huawei modem

Log in screen will appear. You have a possibility to access software with free account (Username: freeunlock & Password: freeunlock) that will allow you only to detect device (we only required to detect modem nothing else).

Afterwards, Huawei HiSilicon Firmware writer software window will appear

Connect Huawei your modem to PC. Then wait a minute or 2 until it is recognized on computer then click “Refresh” button, wait for device to be detected on software

4. In this process, one COM port will be enabled (PC UI Interface) and will be marked as yellow color if drivers are not already installed then follow guide to update hilink drivers.

Your Hilink Modem COM Ports are successfully enabled.


Connect your device directly to PC’s USB port, so that you can access web-interface via

Hint: If web-interface is not accessible then connect trough wifi while remain connected to PC via USB port.

Now open web-interface via and run Switch Mode Application / Script to get your device in COM ports mode and in this process windows will start installng hilink drivers for your modem, on completion of drivers installation COM ports will be enabled and visible in device manager.

Now you have been suceeded in getting COM ports installed.


Sometimes, all the methods mentioned above are fail to adquately install Huawei modem drivers and if there is still yellow “?” and “!” sign on HUAWEI_MOBILE in device manager.

It means correct COM port drivers are need to be installed mannually. Now right click on one of the missing driver and select “Update Driver Software”

Drivers Modem Port Devices Gigabit

Now select second option “Browse my computer for driver software”

Now select “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer”

Next select “Show All Devices”

Now select “Have Disk…” and browse to the location where you have downloaded and unziped your modem drivers.

Now, you have to very carefully select file named “ewser2k.inf”

Next, it will show you a list of diffetent modules of Huawei drivers but your have to select from the left side window “Huawei Incorporated” and then from the the right side window “Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G PC UI Interface” and click next. It will show you a Update Driver Warning, select “Yes” button.

After installation of drivers, you will see a message “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” select “Close” button.

Drivers Modem Port Devices Adapter

Aha, you can see yellow sign have been removed and there is one COM port software installed correctly.

Congrats, “Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G PC UI Interface” is now properly installed for your modem.

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One pesky problem with Windows 10, as well as the earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, is that the COM port assignments for devices that use them, often change. In this post, we show how to change COM port number on USB modem back to what it was before. Or, you can do this to changed assigned port number at will to any unused port you desire.

A USB modem for example, may start off being assigned to COM3 when you plug it in right out of the box. But that assignment can (and often does) change to COM4 or some other COM port, any time the modem is unplugged and reconnected, the computer restarts, a new version of a device driver is installed, a different USB port is used, certain Windows updates are installed, and a myriad of other possible port reassignment triggers.

Of course, when the modem COM port changes, any program that relies on the modem listening on the original COM port, no longer functions correctly. The solution is to change the modem COM port back to the one it was originally using, and the procedure below demonstrates how to do this.

Drivers modem port devices adapter

How to Change COM Port on USB Modem, Windows 10

1. Plug USB Modem into Working USB Port on Windows 10 Computer

You won’t be able to change its COM port settings if it’s not connected to your machine when you try.

2. Bring up Device Manager Window

You can find Device Manager in Control Panel, or enter the word -Device- into Cortana’s search box. This brings up a link to -Device Manager- (usually the first one) in the results list. Tap that link, and you’ll see a screen similar to the shot in the next picture.

3. Find the Modems Device Group Item to Continue with How to Change COM Port on USB Modem

The purple arrow points at the Modems group in the last picture.

Then, tap / click the downward pointing arrow immediately to the left of that entry. This expands the Modems device group, as shown in the next picture, revealing any modems currently connected to and operating correctly on your computer. In this demo, we only have one USB modem connected, as listed.

4. Double Click the Entry for the Modem to Change

In our demo here, we’re changing the COM port for the Agere Systems USB 2.0 Soft Modem. So, we double click the entry for that modem, and this brought up the Windows 10 device configuration screen for this modem, as shown next.

Drivers Modem Port Devices Bluetooth

5. Then, Click / Tap the Advanced Tab

The purple arrow points at the Advanced tab in the last picture. The configuration window then redraws itself to show the advanced configuration options for this particular modem, as shown in the next picture.

Drivers Modmen Port Devices

6. Tap / click the Advanced Port Settings Button to Continue with How to Change COM Port on USB Modem

The purple arrow in the last picture points at the Advanced Port Settings button. Doing so brings up the -Advanced Settings for COMx- window, as shown next. The actual COM port number that is currently assigned to the modem replaces the x in COMx here. In our demo here, this window is for COM4. Thus, we see that our modem is currently assigned to COM4, although we wish to assign it to COM3.

7. Expand the COM Port Number Pop-up Combo Box


Do that by tapping / clicking the downward pointing arrow immediately to the right of the port number. We’ve drawn a purple arrow in the previous picture, pointing at this expander button in the previous picture. When you expand the list, you get a complete list of available COM ports that this modem may use, as shown in the next picture.

8. Tap / Click the Desired New Port number in the List

You may have to scroll up or down in the list to find the port you want. In our demo, we’re assigning our modem to COM3. So we tap COM3 in the list, as shown in the previous picture, pointed at by the purple arrow. This then collapses the expanded port list back down to a single entry in the -COM Port Number- field, showing the new port number we chose. We’ve changed our modem to COM3, as shown in the next picture.

9. Tap / Click the OK button on the Advanced Settings for COMx Window to Continue with How to Change COM Port on USB Modem

Doing so closes that window, and reveals once again the device configuration window for our modem, as shown next.

10. Press the OK Button on the Device Configuration Screen

This applies the new COM port assignment to the modem, and closes that window, once again revealing the Windows 10 Device Manager window, as shown in the next picture.

11. Exit the Device Manger Window

Exit either via its file->Exit menu item as shown in the previous picture, or by tapping / clicking its -Close- button, found in the top right corner of the window (the X button). Your COM port reassignment for the modem is now complete.

Drivers modem port devices bluetooth

With the COM port successfully changed, we recommend that you close and restart any program(s) that use the modem, and, if necessary, change the COM port settings in said program(s) to match the port number we just set up.

12. Done with How to Change COM Port on USB Modem !

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