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EponaTech, the developers of Metron imaging software, have teamed up with Metron Support Services to help ensure that product and service quality stays at the high level that everyone needs and expects. The support group at Metron Support Services has been trained to work with Metron to become the primary provider for setup, training and continued support. The role of Metron Support Services in supporting the Metron clients will not only be to offer ongoingWorld Class support and training, but to also have a proactive role in keeping the Metron users up to date with current Metron revisions and updates.

EponaTech’s Metron-DVM imaging software with integration to multiple CR and DR systems for veterinary practices has had a great following in the Equine market. EponaTech has been and continues to develop its Metron software to include equine, companion animal plus equine and companion animal dental applications. It not only includes the Equine specific measurements, but has added measurement and reporting capabilities specific to companion animal and dentistry.

A driver was fined after telling officers he had driven three hours from Nottingham to London to buy bread ‘because it was £1 cheaper’. Metron also helps manage complexity deriving from special elements and conditions. Why should a furniture dealer use Metron? Metron helps the dealer create projects in the pre-sale stage, to provide the end customer with a custom project, with the latest libraries issued by the company, error-free and quickly.

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Drivers Metron Laptops & Desktops Computers

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