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3.1- Driver and software installation 3.2- Connecting to the computer and telescope 3.3- Image at home 4. – First images (CCDCap) 4.1- Focusing 4.2- First astronomic image 5. – Other programs 6. – Specifications 7. – Getting the most of your camera 7.1 Software 7.2 Refrigeration and humidity 7.3 Gain and “offset” adjusting 8. INDIGO is a kind of distributed software bus connecting device drivers on one side and application code on another. You can link device drivers (dynamic libraries) directly to your application developed in any programming language (INDIGO itself is written in pure C to make it as compatible as possible), load them on demand or to let application to connect to drivers on remote.

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For all users of Lunatico Astronomia equipment. To offer support, tips, advice and publish news. CloudWatcher, Dragonfly, Seletek Armadillo, Platypus, Tarsier, ZeroDew, the new Limpet...

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