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2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds. Crisp HiFi Sound. Automatic Background Noise Cancellation.

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Software Update. The following link contains a zipped version of the software updater for the following IHS modules: SmartEP, SmartEP-ASSR, SmartDPOAE, SmartTrOAE, Intelligent VRA, Smart Audiometer, and Pet Screener. The Ezairo 7100 series of open-programmable DSP-based systems meets the high performance and stringent power consumption requirements of advanced hearing aids and hearing implant devices. The unique, high-precision quad-core architecture is the industry’s most integrated, flexible and power efficient single chip solution.

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Introducing 2020’s Hottest True Wireless Stereo Earbuds to Enhance Hearing

The Olive Smart Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aid received rave reviews, with overwhelming demand for a new, improved third generation pair for everyone to wear.

A Gift for my Father & Now I Want One

“I got Olive Smart Ear for my father. He was surprised at how good the sound was. The stylish design is also a plus. I’m wondering if you make earbuds that I can use?”

Bang for the Buck

“I was wearing $4000 hearing aids for about four years. Recently, it stopped working and I was looking for a low price hearing aid and I found Olive selling one at $299. One of the best purchases I ever made!”

Everyone Needs to Experience This

“I was told my hearing was not that bad… But when I tried Olive Smart Ear I can adjust the noise cancellation and TV mode with with the app. I think everyone needs to experience this feeling!”


World class High-Def speaker drivers + 2-way balanced armature drivers deliver immersive audio with personalized music EQ.

Drivers intelligent hearing aids


Voice detection and noise cancellation powered by machine learning listen to ambient sounds and enhance focus on specific sound sources.

Revolutionary Next-gen Technology Featuring Improved Maximum Gains, Amplification, and Stereo Sound

No Appointment Needed

You don’t need an appointment with an audiologist. With Olive Pro you can take a 5 minutes hearing test with the app to customize sound settings anytime.


Cuts out background noise, dampens louder noises, and delivers crisp conversation.

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Tuned to capture 99.8% of sounds within hearing range without distortion + sound modes that can be adjusted to your environment.