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Huawei USB Drivers (CDC/ADB/Qualcomm/Kirin/MTK VCOM/USB 1.0) is a very useful program to connect any Huawei Smartphones and Tablets to the computer successfully. Once you have installed, Huawei USB Driver, it creates a bridge that can help to flash/update or upgrade your phone, Also, allows you to browse all Huawei device files like photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. You can take a backup & can restore your data.

Without installing a USB driver you won’t be able to connect your phone to the computer. That’s why here I share the latest version of Huawei USB driver that you can download from here.

This blog provides Huawei / ZTE, modem/router Firmware Update, Dashboard Update, Windows & Mac OS Supported Dashboard and Drivers, this post provides Driver Huawei E1750, which can be downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the Huawei e1750 driver specification. Huawei Router B310 & B315 Complete Drivers can be used with all Huawei Algo V4 modems. Huawei USB drivers you need some drivers and Networking Solutions. Huawei is the most popular brand which provides routers and modems around the world. Huawei Mobile Partner is a freeware software app filed under mobile phone tools and made available by Huawei for Windows. Huawei has unveiled new 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi router, calls it E5377.

Note: Huawei USB drivers compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 version (32 & 64bit).

The Huawei E3372 4G LTE USB Modem Huawei E3372s-153 can be used with routers such as Draytek Vigor, D-Link and Dovado. Has informed me about this issue via e-mail. Disable HiLink mode and force tty modem on NEW Huawei E3272. Huawei USB Drivers (CDC/ADB/Qualcomm/Kirin/MTK VCOM) is a very useful program to connect any Huawei Smartphones and Tablets to the computer successfully.

Here we share each and every step which can help you to install every version of the Huawei Honor USB driver to your computer, So, follows the below process to install Huawei CDC/ADB/Qualcomm/Kirin/MTK VCOM/USB 1.0 driver, to your computer.

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Download & Install Huawei USB Drivers:

Huawei Model NameUSB Drivers
Huawei Mate 30 (All)Download
Huawei Mate 20, 20 ProDownload
Huawei mate 20xDownload
Huawei Mate 10 / ProDownload
Huawei P10 LiteDownload
Huawei Mate 8Download
Huawei Mate 9Download
Huawei Mate XDownload
Huawei Mate XsDownload
Huawei P40, P40 ProDownload
Huawei P40 Pro & Pro +Download
Huawei P40 LiteDownload
Huawei P30 LiteDownload
Huawei P Smart ZDownload
Huawei P30, P30 Pro, P30 LiteDownload
Huawei P20, ProDownload
Huawei P20 LiteDownload
Huawei P10/PlusDownload
Huawei P10 LiteDownload
Huawei P Smart + / P Smart ZDownload
Huawei P Smart ZDownload
Huawei Nova 7 & 7 ProDownload
Huawei Nova 7 SEDownload
Huawei Nova 6, Nova 6 5G, Nova 6 SEDownload
Huawei Nova 5i / 5i Pro / 7iDownload
Huawei 7iDownload
Huawei Nova 5 / 5 ProDownload
Huawei Enjoy 10, 10 PlusDownload
Huawei Enjoy 10sDownload
Huawei Enjoy 9 / 9S / 9eDownload
Huawei Y9/ Y9 Prime 2019Download
Huawei Y7 Pro / Y9sDownload
Huawei Y9sDownload
Huawei Magic 2Download
Huawei Mediapad smartphonesDownload
Huawei Universal USB Drivers [Any Huawei Model]Download
Huawei ADB DriverDownload
Huawei CDC DriverDownload

Download Honor USB Drivers for Windows

Honor Model NameUSB Drivers
Honor 30/ 30 ProDownload
Honor 30 Pro+Download
Honor 20, 20 ProDownload
Honor X10Download
Honor 20 LiteDownload
Honor 20iDownload
Honor 10, 10iDownload
Honor 10 LiteDownload
Honor 9,9 LiteDownload
Honor 9iDownload
Honor 9NDownload
Honor V30, V30 ProDownload
Honor V20 / View 20Download
Honor View 10 / V10Download
Honor 9X / 9X Pro / 9X LiteDownload
Honor 8X / 8X Max / 8CDownload
Honor 30sDownload
Honor 20sDownload
Honor Play 9ADownload
Honor Play 4T, 4T ProDownload
Honor Play 3Download
Honor Play 3eDownload
Honor Play 8ADownload
Honor Universal USB Drivers [Any Model]Download
Honor ADB DriverDownload
Honor CDC DriverDownload

Huawei USB COM 1.0 USB SER USB Driver: Download

How to install Huawei USB Driver

  • Firstly, you need to download the USB Driver on your Computer.
  • Extract the ADB USB Driver using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Right-click on my computer and then click on manage.
  • Check on the left side there you can see the Device Manager option.


  • Click on the search bar and search Device Manager there.
  • Choose the first result from there.
  • Then click on Action and then click on Add legacy hardware there.
  • After that, click on Next and then choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Advanced) then click on Next.
  • Now tap on Show all devices, then click on Next & click on Have disk.
  • Click on Browse then choose the Huawei USB driver file you downloaded and extracted and click on the OK button.
  • Then choose the Android USB interface and click on Next.
  • Now the Huawei USB driver installation starts, click on Next, then click on Finish.

How to Install Huawei ADB Driver:

  • Download the USB Driver first.
  • Then open the device manager in your pc.
  • Then click on Action and choose Add Legacy Hardware and click on Next.
  • Now choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Advanced) and then click on Next.
  • Then Tap on Show All Devices and click on Next.
  • Now click on Have disk.
  • Select Browse Choose the Huawei ADB USB driver file you downloaded and then click on OK.
  • Then choose the ADB Interface and click on Next.
  • Now the Huawei USB driver installation starts, click on Next, then click on Finish.
  • Then restart your device once if you are still getting an error.

How to Install Huawei Qualcomm USB Driver

  • First, download the USB driver file package on your PC.
  • Then Open the Qualcomm USB Driver Setup File.exe.
  • After that, choose WWAN DHCP is not used to get IPAddress And then Click on Next.

Driver Huawei Modem E5573

  • Again tap on Next button.
  • Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement and click on Next.
  • Click on Install to start the installation process.
  • Click Finish to successfully install Huawei Qualcomm Driver on your PC.

How to Install Huawei CDC Driver

Drivers huawei modem
  • First, open the control panel of your PC.
  • Launch Device Manager from there.
  • Then Click on Action & Choose Add Legacy Hardware and click Next.
  • Choose to install the hardware manually from a list and click Next.
  • Now Choose “Show all devices” and click Next.
  • A window will open up. select the CDC driver folder you downloaded and click Ok.
  • Then click “Next” to start the hardware installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process gets finished.
  • Then you will see the massage of Completing the Add Hardware Wizard. Click on Finish.
  • This is how you can install Huawei CDC Driver on your PC.

How to Install Huawei VCOM Driver

  • Open the Control Panel and choose the Device Manager option.
  • Then right-click on your username and select Add Legacy hardware.
  • Then click on the Next button.
  • Now select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) and click on the Next button.
  • After that, tap on Show All Devices and click on the Next button.
  • Then click on Have Disk and select .inf file that you already downloaded & click on Next.
  • That’s it, Your Huawei VCOM Driver are successfully installed on your PC.

How to Install Huawei USB COM 1.0 USB SER Driver

First of all, you have to enable test mode on your Windows computer to successfully install the Huawei USB COM 1.0 USB SER Driver, USB COM 1.0 driver mainly help to detect the Huawei Honor phone for flashing and unlocking

  • Search for CMD on your Windows PC
  • Select CMD from the search results
  • Righ-Click on that and select Run As Administrator
  • Copy the Code: bcdedit /set testsigning on
  • Paste it to your CMD and Hit enter
  • Now Restart your Windows Computer.
  • Then You can see the “Test Mode” is enabled on your Windows computer.
  • Now, Install the Huawei USB COM 1.0 USB SER Driver by following the above Huawei CDC Driver installation process on your computer.

If you want to disable the test mode on your windows computer then follow the above process and replace the code with the below-provided code, Restart your PC.

  • bcdedit /set testsigning off

Well, If you followed all the above process very carefully, I assure you you will be able to install All Huawei USB drivers (CDC/ADB/Qualcomm/Kirin/MTK VCOM/USB 1.0) on your PC.

If you still stuck or could not understand anything relating to this topic, you can let us know in the comment section below. we will help you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for visiting.

Driver huawei modem e5573

In the event the driver is outdated, you need to update it. You’ve got a 3D printer, you want a part to repair it, utilize the 3D priner to fabricate the part. Most Wi-Fi routers in the marketplace today have the capability to monitor Internet traffic. Check to see whether the modem is detected. Make an effort to access the web to establish if your modem was detected. Now your phone will boot and the very first boot will take a while near about 5 to 8 minutes to earn some change on your mobile phone. The phone may have an OLED display, and be made from liquid metal.

The primary goal of Results class is to keep up a state of distinct operations performed, what were the errors observed, what’s the modem state at the conclusion of execution. You should consider what your objectives are before even beginning to consider the impact or the prospective outcomes of giving birth to a dedicated app made. You can begin by setting up clear targets.

Download Huawei Drivers for all devices

If you didn’t discover your device here, maybe it is possible to check here or here. Only when none of the fundamental software troubleshooting procedures mentioned previously would you prefer to take into account having the hardware checked. If your computer can’t detect your modem, you aren’t going to have the ability to access the web. Now, my main complaint when this laptop must be the touchpad. So, you’ve got powerful hardware and just a 41 watts battery in here so burns through it in about 2 hours If you’re not playing games and playing games you are merely likely to become around one hour.

Driver Huawei Modem 4g

Return to Log tab now, since it will demonstrate the advance of firmware installation once you hit start button in next step. You have to do a particular task before you may dismiss the alarm. Otherwise, the rooting process will fail and you’ll have to begin from the start. Furthermore, the application can’t identify Linux or Macintosh. Mobile applications are offered in the form of immediate messaging apps, Download drivers for Huawei apps, antivirus apps, mobile phone monitoring apps and lots of others alike. Apart from Gaming Apps, shopping application is commonly used throughout the world. Everyone has to use such software application which is extremely famous in the industry world.

Carefully consider if making an app is completely necessary for your company today, since you could just be being too ambitious. Some would just like to be in a position to say, There’s an app for it. These apps aren’t restricted to Ramadan only, they may be used throughout the year. In some cases, acquiring an internal app which will be used by men and women in your organization may be more ideal than a customer-facing one.

Drivers Huawei Usb Ser

There are respective issues why your computer isn’t detecting the modem. Yes, there’s a chance of Download drivers for Huawei the mobile apps on computers and laptops too. You also acquire Tajweed reading option. Once you’re in recovery mode, it’s time to flash root to your cell phone.

Drivers Huawei Modems Wireless


Today, you can observe many rooting tools among cell phone users. Make certain you have Download drivers for Huawei the right firmware file on your computer. Most likely, software updates ought to be performed to resolve this situation. After upgrade it is possible to enable back. After the installation is completed, tap Reboot to reboot your cell phone.