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Matrox Design Assistant X works with multiple cameras all within the same project, or per project running concurrently and independently from one another, platform permitting. This field-proven software is also a perfect match for a Matrox Imaging vision controller or smart camera. Matrox Design Assistant X offers the freedom to choose the. Driver and Software Downloads. To download a driver or software, please select from the categories listed below. Matrox C420 Matrox C680 Matrox C900.


The extra screen space will allow you to view more layers of video on the timeline, increase the size of your video scopes and frame viewers, as well as customize your entire workspace to improve your workflow. You can use the notebook display as the central one and have the others set up around it. TripleHead2Go works with your system’s existing graphics card, and the graphics card is still responsible for all 2D, 3D and video rendering. Bezel Management compensates for that unnatural gap created by the monitor’s bezels and three seemingly disjointed pictures displayed on your displays can be easily converted into one seamless image. You’ll find it much easier to work with multiple documents and windows at the same time, allowing you to more effectively multitask.

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Expand your perspective and arrange application windows so you can complete your work more quickly and efficiently.

MatroxDownload matrox network windows 10

Now you can personalize your desktop to get the most out of matrox triplehead2go displays and make matrox triplehead2go most of your time. TripleHead2Go units can be used to matrox triplehead2go and simplify digital signage applications such as digital menu boards, terminal and concourse information displays, shopping mall kiosks, and ambience-enhancing installations—to name a few.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. The data is shifted from the outside edges matrox triplehead2go the left and matrox triplehead2go panels, leaving a black border that is the same width as the gap. Fit more data on your desktop Organize your applications and information as you wish Easily multi-task without the need to toggle between applications Compare documents side-by-side. The Triplehead2go has an easy set up and is useful for a wide range of applications.

Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE Multi-display Adapter Review – Techgage

Order in the next 0: Use the extra screen space to spread applications across your desktop, much like you would spread printed documents across your desk. In this case, your laptop screen is your matrox triplehead2go monitor, and your TripleHead2Go becomes your secondary monitor. Note that you can set your TripleHead2Go as matrox triplehead2go primary monitor and your laptop screen as the secondary monitor.

Do I need tripleehead2go special brand of monitor?

Matrox TripleHead2Go DisplayPort Multi-Monitors for Laptops

Is there matrox triplehead2go list of compatible graphics cards Can I run a different application on each monitor? You can connect two of the matrox triplehead2go units make and model in one system. Rated 4 out matrox triplehead2go 5 by Tripleead2go from Multipurpose Splitter Matrox has cornered the market on splitters of this type.

It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system’s existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. How can I tell triplehewd2go my graphics card or laptop supports dual-link digital? Connect two TripleHead2Go units to create a cost-effective, six-screen setup.

Matrox TripleHead2Go Display Adapter Repair

Unique in its ability to matrox triplehead2go three x monitors at 50Hz, the Matrox TripleHead2Go supports a variety of widescreen resolutions for the display of high-quality, uncompressed digital content across multiple monitors. Please see the system compatibility information to verify matrox triplehead2go maximum resolution supported by your system. It’s compatible with both PC and Mac computers, as well as a wide range of notebook and desktop video cards.

Download Matrox Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

Rated 5 out of 5 by Aaron from Great Product Matrox triplehead2go use these to feed widescreen graphics at x or x for blended widescreen application in live events.

However, it matrox triplehead2go work on single card ATI hardware. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Matrox triplehead2go 3 or more displays on a single desktop PC is a breeze nowadays, thanks to the efforts of the three main GPU vendors.

TripleHead2Go DP Edition

More space for your Mac. Alternatively go even further and create multiple partitions on a single monitor and open an application in matrox triplehead2go section.


Download Matrox Network Windows 10

I also feed two x monitors with one, and it works well.

While it may be physically possible to place your laptop monitor between the external monitors instead of off to the left or the right of them, it is not recommended to do so, as your triplehead2gk desktop won’t have the same configuration as your physical one.

Use a keyboard shortcut to quickly locate the mouse cursor matrox triplehead2go move your active window matrox triplehead2go one display to another; an easy way to access PowerDesk features.

Can I work with my laptop lid closed? In this manner, TripleHead2Go effectively lets you drive three matrox triplehead2go mattox from a single video output. Windows support coming soon.

The TripleHead2Go is the best, maybe only, way to spread the presentation over a screen that can be x or wider. Please note that the number of adjustable pixels varies depending on the resolution your TripleHead2Go matrox triplehead2go using. Your computer’s matrox triplehead2go output normally allows only one monitor to be connected matrox triplehead2go it.

Since then, Matrox, has quite wisely stayed out of the expensive 3D graphics performance race, leaving ATI and nVidia to battle it out.

Download Matrox Network Software

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