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View and Download Lumenera Lu070 user manual online. Industrial & oem cameras. Lu070 digital camera pdf manual download. Also for: Lw070, Lu075, Lm075, Lu080, Lm085. Surveillance Drivers & Software Downloads for Lumenera Cameras. Technical Support. Our Technical Assistance Center is committed to fully supporting its customers through all stages. Find Lumenera software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web.

This camera driver is alpha quality, i.e. it probably contains errors. The driver is 32bit only, since it makes use of Lumenera's camera driver 'lumenera.api.dll' (dll versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.4 are confirmed to work) to actually talk to the camera.
This installer should do the job: LuCamSoftware-v6.0.1.exe
Support is confirmed for both the LU070M and LW130M (SKYnyx2-1). I also managed to Ebay a cheap LW170C color camera and can confirm supportfor at least three camera's with this driver now. This ASCOM driver is also checked out on Prism/Nebulosity/MaximDL5/and my Sky Planetarium.
Version 0.64 fixes an issue with Gain adjustments that was causing a problem.
Version 0.62 adds the ability to reverse the byte order returned by the camera for possible compatibility improvement.Also, adds Gain adjustment in the Setup dialog. Additional minor fixes and features added for improved support of unknown cameras and better overall functionality.
Fixes in 0.61 bring compatibility with Nebulosity v3.1 and MaximDL v5.
For better performance, it spins off a seperate thread that calls the Lumenera driver to get the image data.
For color cameras it returns the bayer/mosaic info. and offsets.
16 bit mode is supported (as is 8 bit mode). Most cameras' work in 10 to 14 bit depth and the Lumenera drivershifts to scale the range to 8 or 16 bits. The values returned are not corrected for this re-scaling.
Setting/getting the camera's exposure time/duration IS supported.
Setting the camera's gain IS supported.
Subframing isn't supported, yet.
Binning isn't supported, yet.

Initial testing was done with an LU070M. It works well with this camera, other models should also worksince this talks to the same Lumenera camera driver. I have no way of testing the wide variety of cameras though, so if the driver works foryour camera email me so I can let others know what works and what doesn't.
Below is a quick image of M71 I took with the above driver, very poor polar alignment in heavily light polluted skies, w/o plate solving I would have never found it:

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Lumenera LuCam USB Digital Cameras

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Download Lumenera Cameras

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Download Lumenera Cameras Software

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